The shop

The "KikkiLine" brand was born from the love and passion for the art of footwear that has been handed down for generations.

On June 1st 2019, driven by the tradition and culture passed on by their grandfather, the grandchildren Alex, Luca and Elisa together with their parents Marco and Maria Rosaria decided to found Kikki Srls.

The intent was immediately to be able to take over and recreate the same store that was managed by his grandfather from the 50s to the early 90s in Riccione, recreating that tradition and that added value lost in the last twenty years and reinterpreting them with a vision and optics 2.0.

The shop, in the famous period of Fellini's "dolce vita", was the point of reference for the whole district and for the many tourists on holiday on the Romagna Riviera.

The Family

The team made up of 5 elements is completely familiar, everyone has their own skills in their respective dedicated areas, starting from the left:

  • Alex Maestri: electronic engineer, chief technology officer and expert on the latest technologies;
  • Marco Maestri: specialized in the research and development of modeling;
  • Luca Maestri: social media manager and marketing expert;
  • Elisa Maestri: influencer, shop assistant and personal shopper;
  • Maria Rosaria Romagnano: customer service and front office.

Kikki Srls, making use of local artisans, carries out a retail and online sale of handmade footwear.

The company proposes itself through its brand "KikkiLine" in the field of fashion and fashion by expressing its know-how through research into the origins of the typical Made in Italy craftsmanship.

The mission is to offer a predominantly female audience and fashion lovers a selection of footwear while maintaining an excellent quality / price ratio.